Thursday, January 27, 2011

Perhaps it all started with the glasses

This hairy guy is an awesome sculpture shown in the
London Royal Academy’s Summer 2010 show.
Look closely, his “hairs” are the curved ends
of clothes hangers. 
As an artistic, always reading teenager, the day came that I needed glasses. Or, rather, I should say the day came that I wanted to see better. I remember one ophthalmologist, years later, who said to me, “I think you want to see through steel walls.” Well, not exactly, but close. I really value seeing clearly. And, that’s what I want to do in this book-ish blog, help my readers to see clearly on the topic of books.

So, hope you will tune in and follow me as we discuss all areas of making, selling and marketing books of all types. It’s a big topic and as with most everything today, there is loads of information out there. We will help you discern what is right for you — armed with not just information, but first-hand experience and knowledge from both sides of the book table.

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